Competition season has been such a blast. I need to tell you about our first comp though, to really get an idea of all the excitement.
This takes place at our first comp of the season…..Alex and I arrive at the California comp and say hello to friends from the studio. I was feeling so nervous.  It was so comforting to see friends I knew.

I love these kids and couldn’t be more proud of them 
They are amazing and so inspiring.

We are both excited that we made it to final
Katelyn and Riley came to cheer for me and Alex




As we are dancing we begin to see and hear people cheering for us. By the semi final we had new fans from all over the room loving us and clapping for us each time we did a trick, dip, pivot and wink. As we bow we get a moment of appreciation gestures, nods and smiles from each judge and audience member.

We all head out to the floor in one line as we stand and wait for our results. As Alex and I brace for sixth place….Sixth was called, not us? “Oh yeah, we beat out the sixth place couple!” Fifth was called, imagine the surprised look on my face. OK?, I thought, “awesome” as Alex I looked at each other. Alex begins to feel the same way and holds me tighter. The announcer continues,  “Forth place goes to”…. Not us! Holy crap ($#!% was what I said) NOT meaning too but so surprised and shocked! The tears of joy start to flow as they begin to call our names for third place. We had even bigger smiles on our faces as Lee Wakefield and another judge present us with a scholarship envelope of money and our medals. Without hesitating, I hugged them both as they congratulated us. We take our pictures and congratulations and celebrations were exchanged with our other competitors. They were all so proud and happy for us, especially after seeing my face (I couldn’t stop laughing and crying, even just writing this to you I begin to tear up). Even the first place winners were more happy about us placing third and the emotions I was expressing.


My best friend and mentor Briana Walker came and cheered for Alex and I 

It was a night I will never forget. Amazed at how well we placed and how everything turned out. I felt like Cinderella.

It was time for me to get focused and ready. So I go get my dress and robe on. No one even suspects it’s me still and I am the one saying hi to people I know. I guess this is a new generation of dancers that are not the same when I was competing. So they might not be use to me being ballroom up.

Alex and I begin to practice as all our competitors are coming in and warming up. I’m so nervous. We are soon called to go to line up. Off comes the robe and the dress is revealed. All of a sudden I felt like I was being watched by everyone as I walked (escorted by my proud partner Alex) over to the line up area. I then have a few people approach me asking, “when you are finish with THAT dress let me know so I can buy it.” While others are still figuring out that it was me. We are now being called out to the floor and Alex and I are in the second round. As we start to watch the other competitors on the floor my stomach begins to tighten. I turned to Alex and tell him, “Everyone is doing so well.” He looks at me and reassures me that everything will be great and no matter what,”it’s only us on the floor.”

We are in a quarter final. The music begins and the room begins to spin. Running into each other and totally off balance I thought we weren’t going to make it to the next round. We exit the floor and wait to see if our number is posted for call backs. We make it to the next round, and then the next. Semifinals! Alex and I are so happy we have made it to the top 12. “We have to stay focused, just like we rehearsed. It’s only us on the floor.”


As we exit the floor our heads are held high. Waiting to see our results I begin to think, no matter the case maybe we did it. The numbers are posted. We make the final! Alex and I are so happy. We hug and wanted to celebrate with a happy dance. He says, “Welcome back. We are back in again.” Proud moment for both of us.

For the final we were to presented on the red carpet and called out by name to the floor. What a proud moment it was. To think where I have come from to get to this spot. The music begins and we tried our best. Smiling ear to ear, we were so happy. A few bumps in our routine and issues but we were still moving. We exit the floor and since we all know how much of a perfectionist I am, I felt awful about my overall performance and my body was feeling it. I start to apologizing to Alex. Alex then hugs me and says,”Its all right, look we made the final, wahoo!” What a great partner I have. I tend to be so hard on myself thinking of what I was capable of doing prior to the surgery. I thought everyone did amazing on the floor! They have all been in the final from the last comp in November.

My best friend and mentor Briana Walker came and cheered for Alex and I


I am beyond expressed words for that night. Sublime. I have learned how take risks and work hard. The song from Cinderella runs through my head, “A dream is a wish your heart makes…have faith in your dreams and some day your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing that dream that you wish will come true.” Doing things that I have only dreamed of and making it reality. This is my Cinderella story. May all your dreams come true.

We are so happy and grateful for all our coaches. Linda Wakefield, Micheal Johnson, Slawek Sochacki, Johnathan Roberts, and Valintina Kostenko. Thanks for always believing in me and for all your support.

I love you all so very much. I’m still on the road of recovery but building a new path. Thanks for all your love and support. I will keep you all updated.