Well I have met my first month. One month down five to go!

It’s been pretty rough to be honest. Not one easy day but, with in the months time I have learned a few very good tricks. I have learned how to walk (limited distances of course), roll over to one side (depending on the pain I am wanting to handle), and as of two days ago; how to sit up and get out of bed. That’s my biggest trick! Having to convince yourself that you can do it in the fist place is my secret to all tricks. Learning so much and achieving goals that I set every day and hour of the day has been a circus act.

Out of the 28 days I have left my house three times under an hours worth of time. It is very hard to get out and move. You can always spot me holding on to ones arm with and escort holding a pillow and well moving about six feet under a min. Oh yea!!! JK! 😉

It is hard feeling house arrest, cabin fever, and restless. I was one who would put together a giant list of to due things and goals each day of the week, always running around and getting so much done. I was a go-getter, supper hero (always fun to think), goal achiever, and gold medalist.

Today’s life style is bit more different (to say the least).

I have been trying to take myself off of pain medication because; well if you have been keeping up with the blog I didn’t want another “Magic Bullet” experience again. Oh boy!! Through out this last week taking my self completely off of the meds I have definitely learned one of the biggest mistakes. People are asking me if I am feeling any better? Well, folks it was a whole new “act.” I was in some of the worst pain I had felt within these weeks of recovery. New things, hurting in ways you can only imagine the worst pain ever! Being off the meds is, what was of course, what I was not supposed to do quit yet. So now feeling worse, I called my doctor up for some advice and/or questions about these new agonizing, burning, ripping, sharp, throbbing, constant, unpleasant (or any “un’s”), piercing pains.

They advised and well after answering their question, “what are you taking?” and me answering… more like lectured, that it wasn’t time to take my self off the pain medication yet for obvious reasons. My BACK!!! this procedure turned my life upside down, a mirror maze that I soon found myself starting at the beginning, taking more steps backward than forwards. I soon was finding myself staring into a mirror seeing what seemed to look like a perfectly normal woman. This clown act was up and I finally had to face the truth.

This is one of the roughest surgeries you could put your BODY through. The whole alignment had changed. My shoulders down to my toes are in a great deal of pain. Ribs are broken; things are shifted and still shifting and re-aligned to what is called a “normal” body shape. I needed to face the facts. This is going to take time… patience is what my new act has to be. It is important to know your limits.

I have had a lot of help in this circus crowd from family and friends. Keeping me in lined with what I may call, “My Big Act” in life…. Laughter has been the best medication. So take a deep breath and enjoy the show. Five more months and this act will soon be to an end.

A big thanks to my ward and family who have prepared meals for Enoch and I, thanks to whoever shoveled my driveway on that snowy day, thanks to my sisters and friends who have come to visit me, and the biggest thanks for the support I have felt from everyone!!  This Act is only going to get better. Can’t wait for the finally!! Wish me luck. 😉

Watching videos with Aunt Alayne on her bed.
Enoch takes me to pic out a tree 
Didn’t he do such a great job? 🙂
Enoch put everything up for me 
I’m good to go! 
Pillow and heating pad Enoch provides me with when and if I do leave the home
Had only 15 minutes with the Campbell’s but it was worth every bit. Had to leave because of pain. 
Miranda Duke putting lights and garnish on the home bringing some holiday spirit 
Alisha adding her beautiful touch of red bow