Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

Follow up with Dr. Joshua Klatt was an exciting day. 
Honestly I find my self having a writers block writing this post. I have so many mixed feelings I don’t know where to begin. Pondering, I guess I can start by answering the Top questions I am frequently being asked, “Are you feeling any better and are you in less pain?” My usual and natural answer would be, I am doing fine. But, knowing my last post, “Life Is a Circus Act” I am going to tell you the whole truth. I say fine because I don’t want you to worry about me or to sympathize. Truly, I don’t even want to think about the pain I have been though or going though when being asked, those same questions. 
I have new pain everyday. Not pain that I even want to tolerate anymore. I often tell Enoch, I wish I was faking it, just to get a break. He reassures me that I’m not and that I am the strongest person he has met. I am sure he says that because he is trying to make me feel better (best husband). 
This has been the hardest thing I have ever been through. I have been living an almost two month nightmare. Everyday I wake up with a new struggle. Enoch frequently reminds me that I am getting stronger, I am able to get around easier. Though when I do feel that I can get through the whole day I begin to pushing myself over and finding myself back in bed. 
So here is your answer. It is complicated … What has made me weaker has made me stronger. I am still in this nightmare for another almost four months (what I am told). I am recovering from a traumatic surgery my whole body has changed and so I deal with the same amount of pain everyday but getting stronger dealing with it. Everyday is a new day but brings new adventures. That is my answer. Everyday is a constant changing routine or obstacle but every time I see the before and after photos it reminds me of what I have overcome. 


Enoch took me to the pool and walked with me for thirty minutes in the water. Thank goodness not many people were there. It was nice to be in the water and in the arms of my husband.