I guess I left you hanging yesterday. My appointment went really well with Joshua Klatt. Once we saw the photos we began to talk about the next steps we will be able to take in the recovery process.

The next step I will be taking is exactly that, walking is the best thing I can be doing. So I began just that. The next morning my friend invited me over to use her treadmill which lucky for me does a lot better than walking outside on the icy sidewalks. 

Klatt explained that walking will help with the recovery time and get the blood flowing so that the body will loosen up. This was exciting news for me. It felt as if my ankle bracelet was being removed I couldn’t wait to get started.

The next day I met up with my friends house to borrow her treadmill. It was so nice to have her there with me. She talked with me the whole time, this way she could keep an eye on me. Walking a whole .7 on the treadmill and talking for almost two hours I couldn’t believe I went a complete mile! Naturally I began to think I can do anything. So I made plans for the the weekend. (Forgetting what I had been putting my body through in the last month.) Temple square lights, dinner, game night with friends, and of course walking in the pool with Enoch.


Even though I had a wonderful time and kept a smile on my face. I was only setting myself up for failure.



Sunday came and no movement came from me. The thoughts then came to me and the remembrance of  Dr. Klatt telling me that I would at times start feeling good but to limit myself to be careful. He explained to me that my back is similar to a hanger, the more it was used the wire would begin to bend and then break. This is the reason why I needed to be more cautious with my body.

I can’t screw this up! Being “older”(I hate that word) he continued to explain during this recovery meant being more patient with myself. The word patience: The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset……. Yuck!! but lets face it this is obviously a weakness of mine and becoming a learning process. “Ok, ok, ok, ok” (as my 2 year old niece would say after trying to get into trouble.)

So now taking it day by day and hoping this will all pass faster. Wishing myself the luck I will need.

My next appointment will be in March this will be the time I get to start therapy. I can’t wait to start and feel more mobility. A whole new body will come with a whole new life.