8 pm – She is resting but still having a lot of muscle spasms. The nurse just came in and asked her about her experience with “Dancing with The Stars.” The nurse was very excited to ask Alayne about it and the conversation seamed to take Alayne’s mind off the pain for a few minutes. It was great to see her talking about dancing and how much she loves it. The nurses are all amazed at how well she is doing. They keep saying “this is one of the most painful surgeries and you are managing the pain amazingly well.” She keeps pushing her button for more meds (there is a button she can push to release the medication from her epidural) and they are putting her on IV Tylenol and more Valium for the muscle spasms. You wouldn’t know she was in pain if it weren’t for her “button pushing skills.” πŸ˜‰
……..her pain level is a 10……. (they ask her to rate her pain 1-10) so lots of pain πŸ™

8:20 pm – She is in a lot of pain, she just told the nurse she feels like she’s a “12!!! The pain is death.”

10:30 pm – She is doing a lot better! Meds are making her happy and comfy. She is laying down,talking and laughing and joking around. Hopefully she’ll get some sleep tonight πŸ˜‰

Day 2

12:15 am – she is falling asleep now and is comfy thanks to a wonderful blanket, soft pillows, meds and prayers. …One day down and it wasn’t too bad

12:30- 15 minutes can change a lot. She all of a sudden was in a lot of pain, her oxygen levels dropped and her blood pressure is low. They are putting her on a 2nd IV and gave her more Valium. With little reminders to breath she is doing ok, considering.

Things to get ya through the 1st day:

  1. lots of love and prayers for the soul
  2. someone there to hold your hand through the pain
  3. a cold rag for your neck and head.
  4. a big comfy blanket for the chills
  5. pillows from home (along the back, stomach, and head) for the comfort
  6. ice packs along the back
  7. ice chips for the throat
  8. chap-stick Β for the lips
  9. a good night story, or jokes to distract the mind
  10. a prayer to finish off the day and thank Heaven you made it through
  11. and we will add LOTS OF VALIUM “mmmmm meds”.. direct quote from Alayne

Nurses switched me side to side every hour to help the recovery process with the back. Alisha snagged a few pics of how my back was…..


Not to bad eh!!! The two red things on my back were the epidurals.

Oh and this just an idea they had planed for the day….

Do you see today’s goals??? I achieved the goal!