8 am- It’s morning and Alayne had a hard night, to say the least.  Her epidural stopped working and so they raised the meds to try to make her more comfortable. She has two epidurals, one controlling the pain in the lower half of her back and another doing the same for the upper part of her back. Both were not working at one time and now the upper part is still not working.  She has a lot of other pain medication helping ease the pain but she is still hurting. Her heart rate is back to normal and she is breathing just fine now. She’s wide awake and trying to stay positive. She is so grateful for all the support and love she’s been receiving. She loves you all. Thank you.

The night was hard but she made it through. – I’ll update later

Things to get you through the 2nd day:

  1. more love and support, a hand to hold when the pain is excruciating
  2. prayers, priesthood blessing
  3. a good foot rub from her sister in law Claudia
  4. Cold wash cloth to wipe the heat off her head
  5. ice packs along the back and sides
  6. Gentile massages on the hips, shoulders and legs (her body is very stiff from all the muscle spasms and pain)
  7. pillows to support her wherever needed
  8. a teddy bear to hold
  9. clear liquids
  10. Valium and any medicine to help with the pain and nausea

Hello everyone it’s me Alayne again here is a little treat for you all followers. May I remind you that I am on narcotics. Love you all!!!

Yeah!!! that is right I made it to the chair and sat there for a record of 30 min and sat back on the bed.

Me in my for sitting
Chair time
This was the first time out of the bed after the procedure. Both Claudia and I couldn’t help but cry and felt like I could concur the world.