This night was awful!!! Alayne couldn’t stand it anymore and had to be reminded multiple times that she is strong and can do it! She asked for a blessing and the Hospital was great to respond, they made an announcement over the intercom and a man just down the hall was there within a few minutes.  He was all prepared with oil and all. Our dad and this man helped give her a blessing and it helped ease her nerves and calm her down. Thank heavens for the power of the priesthood. It’s one way Heavenly Father can be there when we are unable to see him. It’s like medicine for the soul.

As the night went on they realize her epidurals were no longer working and decided it was better to remove the epidurals (reminder** she had two) and start her on an I.V pain reliever. This made her so sick and uncomfortable and throwing up is the last thing she wanted to do. So they took her off that and tried a few other remedies until they found the one that works best for her.

She shakes when in the most pain and tears just fall. She doesn’t complain much but you know she is in excruciating pain. It’s so hard to watch. I have to turn my head a catch my breath so I can be there for her and stay emotionally strong. She is such an amazing woman and I love her so much. As I’m sure you all do. She is one of the strongest women I know and I feel blessed to have her as a sister. I wish I could take the pain from her, even if it was just for a minute, but all I can do is tell her I love her, I’m here for her. She is stronger than she knows and this proves it!

As the night went on it was up and down but mostly down. Our dad stayed the night with her.

Hopefully she never has a night like this again…