It was quite the exciting week of recovering. With the help of family and friends and even some suppressing visitors it made the dreadful week a lot easier to get through. Some of the days I can’t seem to remember all that had happened. Thanks to my sisters and others posting on the blog to keep you all up dated and having my sisters taking pictures of each visitor also helped.

This was when my therapist came a walked me down the hall. I felt like I was learning how to dance again with two left feet. We kept joking as we walked to distract me from the pain I was feeling with each step. I’d have to say she was the best escort 🙂



It was a ride I won’t forget!!!

I had an old friend from high school come and visit me. Josh Lemon wow it was a huge surprise seeing him. He totally brightened my day. A knock on the door and I was shocked. I wanted to leap out of bed and hug him but that of course that was not going to happen. He had heard on Facebook that I was admitted into Children’s Hospital and because he was working near the room I was staying he thought of stopping by. What a surprise it was to see him. I was so glad to see that he was doing so good. We caught up for a bit and he had to go back to work. He promised me that he would send Daisy the Dog to pay me a visit. I didn’t quit get it till I woke up with a dog sniffing my noise. LOL

Daisy is a dog who will go around and pay a visit to the kids who need that extra care or laughter in their life. I felt so privileged to of met her. She showed me all her tricks (sit, shake, speak, and balance a treat on her noise). It was the excitement of the night.

Thank you Josh for always being my dear friend. You are one I will always remember the good memories and fun times in high school and I hope the best, you deserve it. (hugs) Thanks so much for thinking of me. It truly helped me. 🙂