Yesterday was a lot of up and downs. Alayne woke up feeling better but after about an hour she was back to feeling miserable. The nurses and doctors have been doing all they can to keep her comfortable.

She had a visit from a sweet puppy named daisy and the puppies owner. At Primaries they have all kinds of special services to help brighten the children’s days and Alayne was just as happy as any kid would be to see this sweet dog.


Last night she had a hard night again… The nurses were great and tried to do as much as they could to help position her, giving her ice for her back and body(ice on her back helps her), more medicine and more medicine. The Valium seams to still work well for her. She gets a lot of chills and fevers. One moments she’ll be freezing and the next she’s so hot you can feel heat coming off her body.

She has heard a lot of recovery stories. It sounds like the first 2-3 days are the worst. She is soon out of the pits of it and will be back to her happy, cheerful, playful self in no time!

Right now she is resting and doing well..