This was Thursday night when I was surprised by my sisters Alisha, Andrea and our close friend Maria. When the nurse came into ask who all these people were I proudly said all my sisters. Maria has always been part of of the family since such a young age. She has a heart of gold and would do anything for any of us. You see it is simple she is my sister. I could go to her at any time of the night to chat or needing a shoulder to cry on. I couldn’t be more happy to have her there with me.


Let’s go for a walk I said anything that would get me out of this bed. It was always hard to walk but we always set a further distance goal each time before we had to walk back to the room.

Andrea on my right side Alisha on my left and Maria dragging my pole of meds. We joked as we walked back and down the hall and back into my room.

Such a fun visit and Andrea stayed with me that night.


The next morning the doctors got a good look of my back and took the liberty to remove the large brown bandage along my back. This was what was left. Not too bad I thought. I really liked the crayon band-aids. 🙂