Claudia (Enoch’s sister in law) was with Alayne all day today! WE LOVE YOU CLAUDIA thank you thank you! She has been such a great help and eased my worries more than she’ll ever know. She has been the perfect help.

I received a text from Claudia around 2 today it said “Alayne just woke up and asked “Did I sleep ALL night! LOL.” Haha she gets a little confused and forgets things, I think this is a blessing in disguise.

Best things for comfort today have been:

  1. love and support
  2. pillows all around her
  3. ice all over her back, sides and occasionally tummy
  4. Valium, tylenol, motrin, oxycodone and zofrin for tummy pain
  5. peace and quiet
  6. Jamba Juice and a few solid foods
  7. prayers
  8. her doctor to assure her the worst is almost over
  9. foot rubs and hair played with
  10. knowing the day is almost done…

It’s now the end of the day and she is resting… cross our fingers that tonight is a better night. You can do it Alayne!!

Hi everyone it is day three and I got a chance to walk for the first time. Pain through each step I took I gave my self a goal to make it to the four way in the hall and turn back around. Claudia is filming and I have my loving parents Elaine and Dad next to me helping me each step of the way.

It was so nice to have my parents there to help me through my first steps.

For both my parents and I these were some toughest steps for us to take. My parents are what you would say workaholics and find it very difficult to take time out of work. On top of building their new home. Them taking the time out of work to stay with me for a whole day and night during the worst time I was going through. Made me feel so special. Not only how bad it got that night my dad was able to give a blessing. Having supporting loved ones, gives you the biggest strength to hold on to. Makes you definitely capable of accomplishing any goal even if it’s learning how to walk again.