November 16

Today has been a good day. Still in a lot of pain but we have success. We’re up walking around. Wahoo! With the help of Valium, Tylenol, Motrin, and Oxycodone Alayne was able to sleep every two to three hours. This morning a doctor came in and took off her bandages. Her back looked like they had zipped her up with stitches.

7 am Pancakes and fruit for breakfast. This was her first meal since her surgery.

10:30 am Lunch time Chicken noodle and orange slices. I spooned her some soup but it wasn’t enough, ¬†Alayne picked up the bowl and drank all the juice. It was time for pain medication. Alayne falls a sleep for about an hour or two after taking the medication. Today is a really good day. Things are looking better each hour.

1:00 pm We have a visitor. Audrey Geeting Alayne and Enoch’s niece. Alayne woke up and decided to take a walk. We walked out in the hall, one side Aubrey and I the other. One of the nurses (guy) noticed Alayne had no socks. So he grabbed some nice brown grip socks kneels down and says “Here you go Cinderella” Alayne smiled and kindly said “Thank you, but I already have my prince charming.”

1:30 pm Alayne is sitting in the rocking chair and visiting.

Alayne has been doing such a great job. She has been positive the whole way. It only gets better from here on out.

Posted by Alisha