Hey all!

It is fantastic to be with my wifie again. 🙂 She is such an inspiration to me and I can tell many others. Alayne truly is a special spirit… I know this because there are so many that are willing to jump in and do anything for her.

Today has been a good day. Alayne slept during the night an hour at a time and would only get up to either use the restroom or stretch her legs. She did so good! Last night when she asked me to help her go on a walk… little did I know we were going on a mini marathon. We started down the hall and she kept saying to me, “we are half way there.” The funny thing was that half way kept growing and growing. I love that she sets very high goals for herself. What a truly gifted young lady! Yup, that’s my wife.

During the day she has been taking cat naps, ok, maybe a little longer than cat naps. She sleeps for an hour or two at a time. I can definitely tell that her pain levels have come down very much today. She is very peaceful and much more relaxed.

Noon – The physical therapist came by today and asked if she wanted to go walk steps today. Yeah right, walk that’s for sissies. Alayne decided to dance them. Here is the video for proof! Now remember, toe, heal, toe, heal. Never heal toe! 🙂

The rest of the day was very good. She ate good foods (mmm… chicken cordon blue). She is such a trooper. To top it off she had some great visitors today. Some dance friends came by. Her mom came into town and spent the day with her and a little surprise from my bro and his son.



In comes the night nurse… he is so awesome!

The one time I decided to go grab a quick bite to eat Alayne needed to get up for the restroom. Well, the call button and the bed was not working so she got up herself. Not a good idea. She ended up straining her muscles in her back and was in tremendous pain before the nurses came to help. Talk about the perfect storm! Well, she was able to get under control about an hour later and the nurse controlled her medications very closely all night. She surprisingly had a great night! She slept better and longer. Only needing to get up to use the restroom and go for a walk.

November 18th
Alayne is starving! Room service doesn’t open for 30 more minutes. Booo…. She can’t wait for some good breakfast. I trained her well, hehe… 😉 She got up to use the restroom and then as she was passing by my couch bed she decided to claim it. Yup, I have no bed now and she is sleeping comfortably. Love it!

One of the doctors came by and said that she is good to go home whenever she feels up to it. We are close to coming home but I want her to feel comfortable before we make that leap.