My last day and night at a place some may call “hell week” and well home for others…. They have the most wonderful staff working with me. Making sure I was as comfortable as possible. They and others who looked after me helped roll me side to side every hour to half an hour. I always had help walking or sitting up. Even though I knew that this was only the beginning of the difficulties I was to face it was comforting to know that I was in good hands.

Morning staff saying good bye
I woke up one morning to find this written on my board. These two girls were with me the first night. We talked so much. They were amazing and so kind. We had fun getting to know me. ­čśë

From part of the staff Klary and Hillary


Dr. Joshua Klatt and his assistant came and visited me everyday to see how I was doing. Every time ┬áDr. Klatt came to see me he would ask me, “well, do you hate me yet?” I always answered, “I could never hate you.” I am telling you Dr. Klatt and his staff are the BEST!!! I had so many┬ápeople telling me that I was lucky to of had Klatt as my┬ásurgeon, “He is the best!” I have to say I wouldn’t of wanted anyone else.


Dr. Joshua Klatt, Alayne, and his assistant
I would like to thank everyone who came and visited me. Though I was going through what you would honestly think was “hell” it was always great to have such great company. I look through letters, notes, pictures and even gifts. They all uplifted me through well my lowest point of my life. I am over whelmed by how much love and support I have felt. Little reminders to never give up and always staying positive, laughter is the best medicine and always keep your loved ones and deepest friendships near and dear to you. You may never know when you may need them most. ­čÖé I love you all so much and will keep you updated with my recovery. xoxo