3 inches taller

Well its my 7th month mark. I can’t believe I have come so far.

I have a few rough days every now and then but more good than bad. I have started dancing… My body is very different, now that it’s straight and more aligned to what a normal body should be like; I have struggled a bit with the movement. Trying to teach and learn new ways to move my body can be frustrating  considering the circumstances I have been dealing with my entire life and even the within the last 7 months. I am sure this will take some getting use to.  I jokingly feel as if I were Bambi on ice for the first time and my limbs are flying, going different directions than I am wanting them to.

After having this surgery I have had this constant feeling of change. I have felt so restless and desperate to be doing something with my life. Now that I have permission to begin doing anything. I am still dealing with a great amount of pain do to weakness. I am having to slow myself down and remind myself to take it easy. I do feel a bit discouraged at times and feel like I may be holding back a little, fearing that I might fail.

I recently had one of my best friends Briana Walker come visit us for a few days this week. Let me begin by telling you about this AMAZING woman. She was involved in a car accident years ago and broke her back, snapping the lower spinal cord. Thus, becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Briana has never faltered instead she pushed through and conquered so much in her life. She can do practically anything she sets her mind to. She always has a fun adventure up her sleeve whether it be surfing, skiing, sky diving, biking across the country, being a motivational speaker, and a dancer.  She has become a inspiration to so many people including myself. She has become an epitome of a super hero in so many eyes. I am so lucky to have her in my life.
We joke about being bunk buddies in the the preexistence, we never have a dull moment. This is Briana and I hiking this last week. 

I am needing to remind myself to not get so discouraged but instead live life to the fullest and trust that things will turn out. A lot like my dearest friend Briana Walker who, instead of fearing failure she persevered and is doing her best to get through life and excelling in all that she does. 

Having a better perspective of life will change our future. You can’t always tell what the future has in store but instead you can hope for a better future. Live in the moment now because it’s now that will determine your future and always remember; the moment you doubt is the moment you fail. You will never know how strong you are unless you test your limits. 

My path has started and I am having to remind myself every moment of the day to live in the moment. Make the change today and trust. You will soon find your life being navigated in becoming a better you for the future and you will soon find yourself creating a clear path to success. Gandhi once said, “Be the change in what you see.”

When I see me, I see strength, perseverance, faith, hope, love, and most of all, I am seeing me again. As I am shifting the probability to possibility I am becoming closer to who I have always wanted to become. Still holding my head high and feeling a bit taller. 

A hike can’t be just a hike when the two of us (Briana Walker and I) get together. It was hot on the trail, but not due to the weather. This little number brought the heat or maybe it was the heat that made us do it. Who knows? Either way, the funnest hike ever, not to mention the best cardio workout at the same time. Yes I was in lots of pain after this hike but the memories totally worth it…..I think?