Five months!!! I am so excited to let you all know that I have past my five month mark. Things are going great and everyday I am getting stronger and stronger. Therapy has been so helpful. I am going every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 7-11. I have not missed any day of my therapy or daily morning and night exercises.  I have my moments of just wanting to take the day off with the pain I am still having to face and the restless nights of sleep but I know it will only keep me from achieving my goal. It’s just a matter of getting my butt out of bed.

Each day is a new adventure, bringing new challenges physically and mentally. My therapist asked me today if I ever work out better when people are watching? I answered no because I am my own competitor. I am always competing against my self wanting to do better each time I come back to do it again. It can be a bit dangerous though. I easily push my self over sometimes and find my self having to start in square one again and becoming very discouraged, but I never give up. You will see me getting back up and trying again till I have perfected what I was set out to do in the first place.

Enoch says that my therapist is learning the stubborn side of Alayne. Guilty as charged. The crew has been so great with me though and teaching me yet another lesson of patience. If this was a Jedi training course I would be Young Padawan (yes I am a Star Wars fan).

This video best describes that voice in my head that keeps me getting up each morning to reach for my goal. This video was posted on my Facebook page by my dear friend Annette Fitzgerald, “Find your greatness!!! Alayne Wadsworth made me think of you, way to get up this morning and do greatness!! Keep it up!!”

Thanks Annette for your support and inspiration. Picking up my feet and fighting my battle everyday. It’s only the beginning.

Don’t get discouraged, never give up! Every one has a battle that they are facing. A favorite teacher of my mine taught me to, “be a Rhino, Keep charging.” My life has been all about that full force of charging and giving my all. I am not satisfied yet, but I am proud of who I’ve become. Without these challenges I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So I am challenging you to find your greatness.