It’s Spring time in Utah and that means rainy days. Oh boy. The hardware in my back seems to aggravate the back when weather gets gloomy. I am trying my best to not let this take me out  and to stay positive. So with out further ado here’s a little something I can’t help but think of on rainy days…. ENJOY!!

What a great distraction and one of my favorite movies, “Singing In The Rain.” Plus dancing in the rain. Pure happiness. We all know that Happiness is the best medicine.

How much I wish I could go jumping through the streets with out a care (my back) and feel amazing. I do have my days and moments of greatness and I believe that one day (hopefully soon) I will feel just as amazing as Gene Kelly was, dancing and singing in the rain.

This was taken from my phone on our hike yesterday. So beautiful!! 

There are times when your pain can be out of control and the only thing you can do is have faith that this may pass soon and your going to be ok. Sadly enough I go through this dreadful experience every so often.  When I do, I have to keep telling myself, “You’ re going to be ok, you will get through this.”There is always a sliver lining to each cloud. You can always count on the sun appearing through the clouds towards the middle or/and end of the storm or a rainbow showing its vibrant colors in the sky. *rainbow seems cheesy to me to write about but, they are beautiful and I am always amazed by them.

Metaphorically speaking, its important to be strong and confide that your going to get through this. Life is always full of these storms but you can surpass these obstacles if you just remind yourself, life will get better, hang on and be strong. I once heard that Ozzy Osbourn tattooed smiley faces on his knees to remind him that when he was sad and looking down, always remember to smile. My husband is constantly telling me to, “change your thoughts, change your life” as annoyingly true this may be (thanks to my nephew Troy Felt who started this) you get to choose what you want to make of your life; no one can stop you and your thoughts. So strap on your bright yellow rain boots or get out your colorful umbrella, enjoy the rain and the beautiful things that come with it. The sun is coming out and storm will soon pass. Summer is upon us and that means sunny days will be coming. Smile and be happy, it is all going to be ok.

I was asked to be part of an amazing photo shoot and here are just a few that they sent me.