Things are going great. Just working my very hardest to get back into the life I am missing. Through out this journey I have been wanting to reach out to as many people as I can. We all have trials that we have to face and sometimes you just need some uplifting or encouragement. This blog has helped me get through some of the toughest days that I have had. I sometimes go back to just read what I have written to remind me of where I was to were I have come.

We are our worst critic, isn’t it so true? I have had a few melt downs, thinking that I am worth nothing. I have felt like my life has been on hold and that in the last 6 months I have been in a coma. I don’t like it when someone is telling me that I can’t do something and telling me I am restricted. This can be depressing, difficult, and challenging. On a side note I like me some challenges 😉

The best waffles!! Enoch agreed. You see the beautiful rainbow?








My whole life style has changed. I jokingly like to call myself “The Titanium Woman.” (Need I say why?)  As someone recently told me, “I am just in the making of becoming something great.” I believe that as long as you believe in yourself and your commit to yourself; you will be able to achieve anything. I am fully committed in this journey and I will not stop. I may be dealing with a few bumps in this journey but that is what is making me stronger. The journey may not be over but I can at least say that I am past the worst of it. As weird as this may sound, this has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am learning so much about myself that I never knew I had within me. I couldn’t of done this with out the help of my family and friends; supporting, encouraging, and letting me know that I can get through this.

Enoch and I at The Great Gatsby

I hope you all have enjoyed this blog. If anything I hope your sharing this with others who may be going through tough times. Yeah life is going to get you down but once your down the only way is back up. Focus on whats important in your life and appreciate the things you do have. Don’t beat your self down because lets face it, enough is enough, shake it off and start again.Six months and counting. Half way there.